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Dental Cleaning Technology for Dogs

Mira-Pet, developed by Techmira AG, is the result of years of research and real-world testing that led to the creation of groundbreaking technology and advanced formulations for oral hygiene. Techmira combines science, nature & technology, yielding products that naturally improve oral health, improve skin and repair skin damage. Techmira AG is committed to the development of the CleanyTeeth for Dogs and excited to introduce its vibration- free oral hygiene solution for your pet's periodontal problems.

At present, there is no established market leader for a brush of this kind and many pet owners have been left wondering if there really is a better solution for dealing with severe periodontal problems than what has traditionally been made available. Years of research and real world testing behind CleanyTeeth for Dogs have confirmed that it is a product which has your pet's interests in mind. The development team benefits from more than 50 years of ultrasonic device and dental experience. Manufacturing is performed in Germany & Switzerland ensuring the highest quality.


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