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What is the best tooth cleaning method for dogs?

Advantages compared to other devices

This toothbrush is unlike any other you know

CleanyTeeth for Dogs (Soft Ultrasound)
  • Removes plaque & tartar
  • Reduces & prevent gum inflammation
  • Surface & deep cleaning in gum pockets
  • NO anesthesia required
  • Silent and vibration-free; no rotation
  • Self-sterilizing
Manual, electric/sonic toothbrush
  • cleans only tooth surfaces
  • NO deep cleaning in gum pockets
  • NO reduction of gum inflammation
  • Sound, vibration and rotation do NOT work for pets
  • non-sterile, bacteria survive on bristles
Hard Ultrasound (by vet)
  • Dog under anesthesia (at risk of dying)
  • Removes plaque & tartar in one hour
  • Surface & deep cleaning in gum pockets
  • NO prevention of renewed future gum problems
CleanyTeeth for Dogs key advantages
  • CleanyTeeth for Dogs is advanced technology (ultrasound)
  • It works with soft ultrasound (NO anesthesia required for tartar removal)
  • It brings about a lot more than a sonic motor-powered electric toothbrush.
  • It is the only dog toothbrush reaching into gum pockets and interdental spaces to remove tartar an clean away the inflammation caused by bacteria.
  • it cleans teeth faster
  • Cleaning without vibration and totally silent – designed not to upset your dog.


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