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CleanyTeeth for Dogs Single-sided Brush Heads

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This package contains 4x Single-sided Replacement Brush Heads.

Teeth Cleaning for small dogs

The Single-sided Brush Head is effective for small dogs. The bristles of the brush head can be shortened or cut with a sharp tool as required.

You will be able to clean your dog's
teeth within 60 seconds.

In stock

“The antibacterial effect of the ultrasonic dog toothbrush has shown great results with my dog. Inflammations and swellings of the gums have healed! Genuine added value.” - Ronny Ahlsleben "Thanks to the silent CleanyTeeth for Dogs toothbrush the dental hygiene of our dog became so easy. He tended to be afraid of usual dog teeth cleaning products. We warmly recommend the ultrasonic toothbrush for a stressfree treatment." - Catherine and Alex B. “My puppy has never accepted any toothbrush but since I started brushing with CleanyTeeth for Dogs we could say: goodbye, bad breath.” - Cecile O.

Two pieces are included in the CleanyTeeth for Dogs Starter Kit.

Please replace the Single-sided Brush Head every three months. Even if the bristles do not look worn or bent, the cleaning effect gets worse with use.

For the dental care of medium sized and large dogs we highly recommend the use of our 3-sided Brush Head.

Designed and made in Germany.

How many uses on the single and three-sided brush head before it should be changed?
Each brush can be used + - 30 times. The brush needs to be changed when the bristles begin to fray and bend.
What brush head selection should I select for an 18 pound schnoodle?
We recommend the single brush head for an 18 lb/ (8.2 kilo) dog.
If I have 2 dogs, can I use 1 handle and switch out the brushheads?
For 2 dogs, you must decide how many "handles" to buy. We recommend brushing their teeth twice or perhaps once per week so you could keep changing the head. However, some people might prefer to buy two devices/handles.
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