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CleanyTeeth for Dogs Starter Kit

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Dog Teeth Cleaning with Ultrasound

✔ Lower Vet Bills
✔ Stress-free, silent & motionless
✔ Tartar Removal & Prophylaxis
✔ Cleans within 30 – 60 seconds
✔ Best Dental Care Product 2018

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“The antibacterial effect of the ultrasonic dog toothbrush has shown great results with my dog. Inflammations and swellings of the gums have healed! Genuine added value.” - Ronny Ahlsleben "Thanks to the silent CleanyTeeth for Dogs toothbrush the dental hygiene of our dog became so easy. He tended to be afraid of usual dog teeth cleaning products. We warmly recommend the ultrasonic toothbrush for a stressfree treatment." - Catherine and Alex B. “My puppy has never accepted any toothbrush but since I started brushing with CleanyTeeth for Dogs we could say: goodbye, bad breath.” - Cecile O.

CleanyTeeth for dogs toothbrush 
= the most effective dental hygiene for your dog at home

No anesthesia, save $1,000 or more on vet dental bill
stress-free, silent & motionless tartar removal
✔ unique home use technology
✔ reduces gum inflammation & periodontitis
✔ cleans all teeth in less than 60 seconds

This Starter-Kit includes:

Suitable for small dogs (under 20 lbs/9 kilos) and medium-large dogs (over 20 lbs or 9 kilos):

Cleaning with Ultrasound

Cleaning is performed by ultrasound

= air-oscillations and a dog-compatible cleaning tooth gel
✔  Ultrasound cleans your dog's teeth 
✔  protects from caries and inflammation of the gums
✔  works better than manual toothbrushes, sonic /electric /rotating brushes

Ultrasound air-oscillations are superior for pet teeth cleaning

  • no movement or vibration of brush heads
  • penetrates deep into gums and interdental spaces
  • dramatic antibacterial effect
  • improves blood circulation for healing
  • abrasion-free cleansing promoting healthy teeth & gums

Effects of cleaning with CleanyTeeth for dogs:

The CleanyTeeth for Dogs device is covered by a warranty of 24 months after purchase. Designed and made in Germany.

Is there a version for cats?
All cat lovers, we are working on this. At the moment, the brush heads are too big today. We will redesign the heads and keep everyone posted. May we suggest you sign up for our email newsletter, so we can reach out later to you. Concerning brush head for cats. Our engineers tell us we can trim the brush head i.e. cut/reduce the height of the bristles by 40 – 50%. Shortening the bristles will not lessen the ultrasound oscillations. You could exchange the brush heads that come with the Mira-Pet system for the "cat-sized" heads.
Where is CleanyTeeth for Dogs manufactured?
The factory is located in Germany within 250 kilometers of Frankfurt.
How long lasts the warranty?
The warranty is two years. It is possible to buy a third year of warranty.
What is the estimated life of the product (rechargeable handle)?
The estimated life of the product is + 5 years.
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