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Tartar Removal for large and small dogs without anesthesia at home

How to remove tartar from dog’s teeth?

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The Mira-Pet Dog Toothbrush improves your dog's life

Our Promise

Gentle removal
of tartar and gum
Award-Winning, Favorably
Reviewed & Highly Recommended
„Best Dental Care Product”
(ghp Award 2018)
Mira-Pet Starter Kit for only $239.00 Buy Starter-Kit
Customers are elated

Quick and efficient

“A quick and efficient product, which not only removes tartar and staining, but also kills bacteria within the gum pockets. With no noise, vibration or movement…”

Heidi Anderton from London

Highly recommend

“The mira-pet toothbrush has proven to be a great product and exactly what I have been searching for. (…) I highly recommend this product to all dog owners.”

Anders Rosell, Poodle Specialist

Tartar is gone

"After the first
three treatments the tartar
was already
completely gone."

Barbara Reichert,
Dog Breeder

Learn more about Mira-Pet solution

The Mira-Pet toothbrush for dogs removes tartar and gum inflammation

The benefits:
  • home-use without anesthesia
  • use is stress-free for the dog
  • save $1,000 or more compared to vet bill
Take charge of your pet’s oral health at home.
Tartar removal solution for small and large dogs
Small dogs
(e.g. 4 lbs/2 kg)
Medium dogs
Large dogs


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