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Mira-Pet Dog Toothpaste

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Specially formulated for Ultrasound

Mira-Pet Toothpaste is a dog-friendly toothpaste which is specially formulated for the Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush.

This package contains 3x tubes
(3 x 75 ml/2,54 fl oz)

In stock

“The antibacterial effect of the ultrasonic dog toothbrush has shown great results with my dog. Inflammations and swellings of the gums have healed! Genuine added value.” - Ronny Ahlsleben "Thanks to the silent Mira-Pet toothbrush the dental hygiene of our dog became so easy. He tended to be afraid of usual dog teeth cleaning products. We warmly recommend the ultrasonic toothbrush for a stressfree treatment." - Catherine and Alex B. “My puppy has never accepted any toothbrush but since I started brushing with Mira-Pet we could say: goodbye, bad breath.” - Cecile O.

This dog toothpaste is made without any abrasive particles, thus eliminating the risk of damage to your pet's enamel. The difference in the toothpaste is in the billions of microscopic nano bubbles that are created when used in combination with air oscillations. These nano bubbles, roughly 150x thinner than a human hair, work through the smallest crevices on the enamel, clearing away any microscopic particles.

The use of Mira-Pet toothpaste is mandatory for proper cleaning with the ultrasonic dog toothbrush. Regular toothpaste is not able to create nano bubbles for a perfect conductivity for Mira-Pet. If ultrasound waves permeate the gel or the foam inside the mouth, billions of nano bubbles are created in milliseconds. These fine bubbles cavitate and implode, to be recreated repeatedly by ultrasound as long as the Mira-Pet is turned on. The sheer number of these nano bubbles and their superb agility let these bubbles reach everywhere inside the mouth, anywhere on a tooth’s surface, into crevices and in between teeth.

How long will the toothpaste last if you brush 1 – 2 times a week?
One dog will likely consume 3 tubes per year. You should place around half an inch of toothpaste onto the brush head. Each tube is 2.54 fl. oz or 75ml. The life of an unopened tube is several months at least while unopened tubes can safely be used up to 2.5 – 3 years.
Is nano-bubbles = micro-plastic?
Absolutely not. We don't use plastic, micro-plastic, micro-sized plastic within any of our toothpaste or cosmetic products. We don't use any abrasive ingredients either.
Will the Mira-Pet work with any dog toothpaste?
Yes, it will work with other brands of toothpaste. The results from each could vary.
What are the benefits of the Mira-Pet dog toothpaste over other dog toothpastes?
With some/ most toothpaste the most active ingredient are the abrasive particles. Our toothpaste doesn't contain any abrasive particles. With a typical toothbrush whether a power sonic toothbrush or a manual brush results occur by scrubbing/rubbing the teeth and gums hence abrasive particles are necessary. On the other other hand, with the Mira-Pet, ultrasound waves/air oscillations are generated which blow away/kill germs and bacteria as well as small food particles. Our toothpaste generates nano-bubbles which aid in the destruction of the germs and bacteria. Further, the ultrasound waves penetrate through some layers of gums to harm germs & bacteria. Similar forms of the technology have been used on people for over 20 years. It has been proven safe and effective.
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