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"Great results"
– Ronny Ahlsleben

Customer Testimonials

Amazing Toothbrush and great results

"My best pet investment" Jacqueline G. Logan
“Specialists were amazed… how great our 13 years old dog`s teeth looked… I really love the quality of the product. I am pretty particular, and I can see Techmira put a lot of time and thought into this product and delivered quality to the market. I am a happy consumer! Thank you very much for your service and time.”
"Saved my dog’s life" being7: 02–24–19, Amazon / Verified Purchase
“I have a small breed dog. She had major tooth decay. She lost 4 teeth and the rest of her teeth looked horrible despite continually brushing them. Due to her size and some health issues, I was not going to put her under anesthesia. Within 2 weeks of using this brush all of her teeth that remained are perfectly white. Her gums are pink again and no longer receding. I no longer live in fear of losing her due to tooth decay. Great seller was able to get a hold of them on a Sunday to ask a Question.”
"What an incredible device" Jens B. from Germany
“Haha, It works …its so incredible. The brown teeth of our dog are brightening up visibly, the dark coronas on the gum are gone, same for the tartar which is vanishing. Never thought but always hoped it'd work like this. What an incredible device.”
"Wow what a difference after only one session" Heidi Anderton from London
“I am so excited to have purchased the Mira-Pet sonic brush for my pets. I have just spent £320 at my vets on a teeth hygiene treatment so I have immediately started the treatment on my other dogs. WOW what a difference after only one session. Mira-Pet not only removes built up plaque and bacteria, but it is quick with no vibration so the dogs don't mind at all. Not only will I be saving money on my vet fees but my dogs mouths will be more hygenic and they will feel better. We are so happy.
"What kind of voodoo are you?" Jane McLaren
“At this point I have results with all 3 dogs, even the one who is not as cooperative (so not as thorough a job) and that I am now using the pumpkin with. Yesterday the tartar came off one incisor, today the other (I just flicked it off with my thumb nail). My old dog that I mentioned with you, today the tartar fell off one of his back molars and he spit it out in my hand after I brushed his teeth. I did not expect to get that kind of result. I look at the toothbrush and say “what kind of voodoo are you?I am definitely hooked on this!
"Results beyond all expectations" Lasse Henriksen from Oslo
“We have now used the Mira-Pet toothbrush once in three of our dogs and the result is beyond all expectations after just one treatment. Almost all the dental stones disappeared, should take one more treatment and then we think the rest will disappear. One pretty much had a thick layer. After treatment we could easily scrape of with a nail. It had become so porous that it fell out of in whole shells. One bitch is very hard to get into the mouth, but after we had managed to treat four teeth she realized that this was okay, so the rest of the treatment went beyond expectations. We are very pleased with the Mira-Pet toothbrush, it is incredibly easy to use it and the dogs relax well during treatment.
"Quick and efficient" Heidi Anderton , Owner of Absolutely Animals Grooming School London
“After spending over £300 on teeth cleaning at the vets for my Bichon Frise, Pandora, I found the mira-pet ultrasound toothbrush for dogs. A quick and efficient product, which not only removes tartar and staining, but also kills bacteria within the gum pockets. With no noise, vibration or movement she now enjoys teeth cleaning on a regular basis and we will avoid the use of further unnecessary anaesthetics.”
"Love this toothbrush!" Fancy Color : 11–11–18, Amazon / Verified Purchase
“I do not like having my dogs undergo anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned - especially my older dogs. I originally purchased this to use on my 2 senior Goldens but unfortunately I had to put them down before I could use it on them. I use it for my two remaining guys and I think this item is fantastic! It is easy to use, has 2 different size brushes and really cleans my dogs’ teeth.”
"Finally a product to use at home" Ellen L. : 11–13–18, Amazon / Verified Purchase
“I purchased this product because I want to help my Beagle avoid dental and gum problems … I’m relieved that there is finally a product that I can use at home that will improve the way I care for her teeth and her gums. She does not mind the process at all because it is silent and the brush is motionless. No stress – YAY! So much easier than manual toothbrushing and much more effective. Definitely worth the price you pay when you stop to think about how much it costs to go to the vet for a dental cleaning and the risks you will avoid by not having to use anesthesia. So happy with the results, the product and the seller!
"Amazing Toothbrush" Amber Salah
“Amazing toothbrush: I have had this brush for a few months now... LOVE IT!!!
"Great results" Ronny Ahlsleben
“The antibacterial effect of the ultrasonic dog toothbrush has shown great results with my dog. Inflammations and swellings of the gums have healed! Genuine added value.”
"Dental hygiene – so easy and stressfree" Catherine and Alex B.
"Thanks to the silent Mira-Pet toothbrush the dental hygiene of our dog became so easy. He tended to be afraid of usual dog teeth cleaning products. We warmly recommend the ultrasonic toothbrush for a stressfree treatment."
"Amazing difference in teeth and gums" Andrea Kup
“I love this...our 8 year old Morgan's just had her teeth cleaned this summer very costly about 600 when the vet said my 3 year old twins would need it...I decided the cost was nothing compared to that...I love this..they accept it better than regular brushing...I see an amazing difference in their teeth and gums...wish I had known about this before ..had a slight problem...sent me a new one this”
"Goodbye, bad breath" Cecile O.
“My puppy has never accepted any toothbrush but since I started brushing with Mira-Pet we could say: goodbye, bad breath.”
"Highly recommend" Anders Rosell, Poodle Specialist
“I have been looking for a tooth brush that is easy to use with quick results. The mira-pet toothbrush has proven to be a great product and exactly what I have been searching for. My show dogs have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis, in conjunction with their weekly baths. Mira-Pet keeps the teeth clean and gum’s healthy and with a nice breath. I highly recommend this product to all dog owners.”


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