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Tartar Removal is the most
important issue to keep your
beloved dog healthy

Tartar removal from dog’s teeth is easy with Mira-Pet

Can be done at home and works without anesthesia

How to remove tartar from dog’s teeth?

The benefits of Mira-Pet:
  • Gentle
  • Removes Tartar
  • Without anesthesia
  • Easy to use
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Customers are elated

Saved my dog’s life

“Within 2 weeks of using this brush all of her teeth that remained are perfectly white. Her gums are pink again and no longer receding. I no longer live in fear of losing her due to tooth decay”

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Wow what a difference after only one session

“Mira-Pet not only removes built up plaque and bacteria, but it is quick with no vibration so the dogs don't mind at all. My dogs mouths will be more hygenic and they will feel better. We are so happy.”

Heidi Anderton from London

Tartar is gone

"After the first
three treatments the tartar
was already
completely gone."

Barbara Reichert,
Dog Breeder

Tartar is created by bacteria and causes
gum inflammation and periodontitis

Before Tartar is created by bacteria
After 80% of dogs have Tartar = very high bacteria count

Bacteria from gum inflammation and periodontitis
can be life-threatening for your dog

Tartar is always characterized by a very high bacteria count. At some point, these bacteria are released into the bloodstream, they settle on organs and cause long-term serious possibly life-threatning damage.

Mira-Pet: The solution for effective removal of tartar and plaque

  • Deep cleaning and tartar removal
  • Cleans where bristles cannot reach
  • Reduces gum inflammation
  • Without risk of anesthesia at the vet
  • Cleans without movement, vibration or noise
  • Reduces mouth odor
Chewing bones is not effective solution for your dog

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