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Dog teeth cleaning with ultrasound

Benefit 1: Reliable tartar removal

Amazing results with Mira-Pet – Compare before and after treatment

The Dog Toothbrush removes tartar with Ultrasound and destroys bacteria deep in the gums. 3-4 applications/treatments – one minute per treatment.

Tartar removal for small dogs (e.g. Chihuahua, 4 lbs/2 kg)
Tartar removal for large dogs
Before Moderate tartar and highly inflamed, swollen gums.
After Tartar reduced, inflammation reduced or healed.

Benefit 2: No anesthesia required

Protect your dog from the side effects of anesthesia. Eliminate leg shaving to provide place to insert needle & IV.

Mira-Pet keeps your dog’s teeth in great shape minimizing the need of visiting the vet for dental procedures such as removing tartar under the use of anesthesia.

Before Visiting the vet for a dog dental procedure entails the use of anesthesia which is expensive and can result in severe side effects and risks.
After With Mira-Pet you remove tartar and clean your dog’s teeth. Stress-free. Without anesthesia. And without risks or side-effects

Benefit 3: Save compared to vet bill

Mira-Pet Dog Toothbrush is a comparatively inexpensive long-time solution

Professional dog teeth cleaning is expensive. Costs vary depending on the condition of your dog and the place you live. A cleaning costs at least several hundred dollars.

Before In New Jersey, for example, prices for dental procedures for dogs range from $500 up to $1,000.00 (price for oral radiographs not included). Source
After Mira-Pet is a one-time investment.
Using the device regularly for tartar removal and teeth cleaning prevents gum inflammation, periodontitis and the necessity for other oral surgery. Mira-Pet is a profitable investment.
Mira-Pet Brush Heads and Supply
3-sided Brush Head
suitable for medium and large dogs
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Single-sided Brush Heads
suitable for small dogs
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Mira-Pet Dog Toothpaste
specially formulated for dogs
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