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Dog teeth cleaning

with ultrasound

Watch Video View Starter Kit "Save your dog from veternerian treatment for $ 1.50 a week." play video
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Save your dog from veternerian treatment for $ 1.50 a week.

Before and After Treatment

with the Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush

The Dog Toothbrush removes tartar with Ultrasound and destroys bacteria deep in the gums. 3 – 4 applications each 1 minute.

Before Moderate tartar and highly inflamed, swollen gums.
Before Tartar reduced, inflammation reduced or healed.

Dog teeth cleaning with ultrasound


Until today, dog teeth could only be cleaned using friction with a toothbrush or by seeing the vet. Now, the Mira-Pet ultrasonic dog toothbrush allows a vibrationfree, gentle and effective cleansing of dog teeth at home.

Mira-Pet cleans deeply and provides superior dental hygiene. It prevents inflammation and tartar buildup.

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Mira-Pet for all kind of dogs

difference in the brush heads

3-sided Brush Head

for medium & larger dogs Cleans all teeth surfaces in one pass. View & Buy

Single Brush Head

for small dogs User can cut bristles for even smaller dogs. View & Buy

How to clean your dog's teeth

  1. Familiarize your dog with the dog toothbrush slowly and reward with treats.
  2. Place the Mira-Pet toothpaste gel onto the brush head.
  3. Distribute the dog toothpaste onto the surfaces of your dog‘s teeth simultaneously removing any large food particles.
  4. Turn on the Mira-Pet.
  5. Gently place the brush head against the teeth – without applying pressure for 3 seconds per position. Move to the next position after holding in place for 3 seconds.
  6. Run brush head under water and let it run for 5 seconds before turning off.


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