Mira-Teeth – the Ultrasound Toothbrush with gentle
antibacterial deep cleaning and whitening

Ultrasound is the most advanced technology for oral hygiene. It deep cleans with one million air oscillations per second. It proves uncomparably gentle and counteracts teeth wear. Try it. Upgrade from your exsisting toothbrush.

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I recently started using the Mira-Teeth toothbrush and was delightfully surprised when I noticed my teeth were brighter. The lightness of the toothbrush is wonderful for traveling and the deep cleaning without hard brushing made a big difference in comfort. Thanks!
I started using the Mira-Teeth toothbrush recently. I felt like I was getting a bit of a tickle my throat from traveling. I am certain that because I brushed a few extra times in the day and the night, that the antibacterial effect improved my sore throat and the slight cough never became a full out cold. It was amazing! I love it!
Mira-teeth is a delight to use, especially knowing its power (especially relative to my old brush) is at work in my mouth. Thanks so much for the amazingly quick shipping, for the great offer on it and that amazing toothpaste that somehow "walked" its way into the package! Thanks for carrying such a fine product. Ed Coles